URBICSA is recognised as a leading company in sustainability by GRESB

Urbs Iudex et Causidicus S.A. has received a very high score in the GRESB 2022, the international index of Infrastructure Sustainability, obtaining a score of 93 points out of 100, thus recognising the good practices carried out by URBICSA in the fields of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).

With a score of 93 points out of a total of 100, URBICSA confirms its position as the leading company in the infrastructure management category. To this, we add the achievement of being the company with the second best score in the classification of Governmental Maintenance and Operation Services.

It should also be noted that URBICSA has obtained the highest score in two ESG categories, namely Environmental Development (30 out of 30 points) and the Social Sphere (40 out of 40 points). In this regard, URBICSA leads both indexes and the good practices implemented during the last year by the technical and management team are recognised.

The GRESB, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, is an independent organisation whose purpose is to provide a methodology for reliably assessing ESG performance and it is the world’s most prominent and recognised sustainability index.

The GRESB is currently an important evaluation and rating tool for investors, who use this index to find out and compare the non-financial performance of the companies under study, always under standardised and global parameters. The infrastructure sector, to which URBICSA belongs, is included in the various sectors analysed.

In this 2022 edition, the number of participants has increased again compared to previous years, reaching the figure of 649 companies evaluated. This continued increase in the number of companies interested in GRESB responds to the growing interest of investors in sustainable business models.

This is the third year that the management company of the City of Justice has taken part in these rigorous infrastructure evaluations. In 2019, the company achieved a score of 22 out of 100. The following year, a quantitative leap was made, achieving 60 points out of 100. In this latest edition, URBICSA has managed to improve its performance and has reached 93 points out of 100, positioning itself as one of the leading companies in ESG performance, not only in its sector, but within a broader categorisation that includes the most important European companies.

This recognition, obtained in the prestigious GRESB index, reinforces the commitment that URBICSA has been making for years in terms of sustainability, reflecting a strong will to continue developing each of its activities in a way that is increasingly respectful of the environment, and thus contributing to the improvement of society and its collective well-being.

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