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Emergency due to drought: URBICSA activates measures to reduce water consumption

Earlier this year, the Generalitat declared an Emergency Phase due to extreme drought in Catalonia. More than 220 municipalities and almost six million people were affected by the measures published by the Government.

The new approved scenario made it necessary to extend restrictions on water, industrial, agricultural and even drinking water, throughout the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Faced with this serious water crisis and almost 40 months without significant rainfall, the City of Justice of Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, which houses an important complex of buildings, joins the awareness initiative for water saving among all its users.

As a concessionaire company, URBICSA leads the initiative to promote awareness and responsible consumption by each individual, both in the workplace and in their daily lives.

It is hoped to make a significant contribution to alleviating the enormous pressure currently facing our water resources. The responsibility of URBICSA as a company committed to ESG criteria of good governance, in addition to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), obliges us to lead initiatives that promote such awareness.

Among the actions being carried out is an ambitious plan that will have significant investments to promote responsible use of water. One of the first actions that will be carried out will consist of replacing all the taps in the toilets with ones that will drastically reduce water consumption.

But URBICSA‘s commitment goes beyond the installation of efficient devices, since for years it has carried out a series of good practices for water saving and responsible consumption, such as:

  • Daily meter readings to check daily consumption and detect possible leaks or extraordinary consumption.
  • Proactive monitoring of all installations and piping.
  • Checks between the consumption of the head meter and the final consumption of the building.
  • Use of non-potable water (of phreatic and rain water origin) in the cisterns of the bathrooms.
  • Irrigation of the vegetation of the complex with non-potable water.
  • Maintenance actions and continuous updating of facilities.
  • Preparation of monthly reports of daily water consumption to detect deviations.
  • Installation of means of collecting and storing rain water for later use.
  • Use of the minimum water necessary for cleaning and using dry and biodegradable products.

In addition to these actions, an awareness plan aimed at all users of the City of Justice has been added. Through information campaigns, we want to raise awareness among employees, visitors and tenants about the importance of saving water by giving a series of easy-to-comply tips: turn on the tap only when strictly necessary, immediately notify URBICSA staff of  any leak detected, do not drink directly from the tap, as a lot of water is lost, or do not use the toilet as a rubbish bin.

Do you want to know more tips to save water?
You will find useful resources and tools to incorporate water saving practices into your daily life.

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