URBICSA joins forces with the Fundació Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona to fight malnutrition

Created in 1987, the Fundació Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona is a non-profit organization that aims to prevent the waste of food suitable for consumption to support people suffering from food insecurity.

The mission of Fundació Banc dels Aliments is defined by two key pillars: sustainability by aiming to minimise the amount of good food that is removed from stores and then destroyed, collaborating with the European Sustainable Development Goals and helping to support at-risk citizens to ensure a sufficient, safe and healthy diet that is equitably distributed.

In 2024, URBICSA has collaborated in the charity food collection campaign, encouraging everyone to support the cause and participate through the online donation system.

This online donation system stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, allowing anyone to directly finance, with an economic donation, personalized or ready-made ‘batches’ to be able to distribute food to those most in need. From the Banc de Aliments website, companies are informed that endorsing this cause can be deducted in their income tax returns, and that supporting it continuously for four years or more provides a greater deduction.

The Fundació Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona wants to highlight the waste of food that regularly occurs in supermarkets and by catering services. With the legal backing of the European Union, the Fundació Banc dels Aliments has continued its hard work to recover discarded food from shops and commercial channels in order to redirect it to families in vulnerable situations or reuse it and increase its shelf life.

The Fundació Bancs dels Aliments is sustained by more than 200 people who dedicate their time selflessly, supporting on an on-going or ad hoc basis, both for individuals and corporations, the Fundació always has organised multiple tasks operations where anyone is welcome to lend a hand.

The amount of food distributed by the foundation has increased year after year, recovering more and more food discarded by the food sector, restaurants and all kinds of events in order to put them to charitable use and avoid waste.. Thanks to citizens and donations from companies, the amount of food collected has gradually increased each year and after the implementation of the online donation system the amount of food went from 4,470 tons of food in 2022 to 8,149 tons in 2023, and it is expected that this year the record will be broken again.

Multiple entities outside the Foundation, such as URBICSA, have shown their direct and financial support for the group. This support aims to call the attention of citizens and companies alike to the waste of food in the country that aggravates the food crisis that many families are going through and how the slightest contribution becomes a dish on the table for those at risk of malnutrition.

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