Urbicsa has been working from the outset to help achieve the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda. This section shows the main projects carried out and the objectives for the coming years.

URBICSA is fully committed to 0 (Net Zero) emissions by signing the UNFCCC (Climate Neutral Now Pledge), for this, the Energy Efficiency Committee studies how to reduce emissions by optimizing existing resources, replacing inefficient equipment and using of renewable energies. Work is currently underway on calculating the company's carbon footprint and establishing compensatory measures such as carbon capture and storage and reforestation.

Projects completed and future objectives

The actions carried out since the beginning of the concession until the year 2022 have allowed for a reduction in energy consumption in judicial facilities by 13,842 MWh, decreasing from 24,922 MWh in the year 2010 to 13,842 MWh of energy consumption in the year 2022. Simultaneously, this energy saving has resulted in a reduction of 3,879 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Currently, several projects are underway to further decrease the energy consumption of the Ciutat de la Justicia by 2,242 MWh per year, reaching 11,600 MWh per year by the year 2024. This will lead to an additional reduction of 785 tons of CO2 emissions per year.


Solar panels

Replacement and expansion of all the roofs of the photovoltaic panels of the judicial buildings has been carried out.

This has produced the following savings:

Green Energy Generated annually:
65,600 Kwh/65.6Mwh

Annual emissions savings:
23.5 Tn CO₂

LED streetlights

168 streetlights in the development, which used to operate with mercury vapour bulbs consuming 150 W each, were replaced with LED streetlights consuming 33 W each, achieving a consumption saving of 78%.

Annual energy savings:
71,745 Kwh/71.7 Mwh

Annual emissions savings:
12.98 Tn of CO₂/year

Improvement in energy consumption

5 UPS’s have been replaced by more efficient equipment as well as the air conditioning of the general low voltage switchboards, achieving the following savings:

Annual energy savings:
450,000 Kwh/450 Mwh

Savings in annual emissions:
208.73 Tn of CO₂/year

Free electric chargers

In 2018, 6 electric chargers were installed in the car park, so that customers could charge vehicles free of charge.

Scooters and bicycles

Lockers have been installed in the car park to facilitate the storage and recharging of electric scooters. At the same time, a space has been created for parking bicycles. All at a very reasonable price.

Water reuse system

The whole infrastructure is built in such a way that the water used in the toilets comes from rainwater collected from the roofs of the buildings and non-drinking groundwater which is stored in a 740 m3 tank.

Non-drinking water consumeds:
18,907 m3

Annual savings in drinking water:


Urbicsa recycles in all its offices, and maintains strict protocols for the control and supervision of the recycling of all waste from its maintenance activities.

During 2021, the following have been treated

44.25 tonnes of waste.


For the years 2023-2025 there are two major projects underway:

Fluorescent to LED

The fluorescent screens in all facilities will be replaced with LED screens.

This will produce the following annual savings:

Annual energy savings:
1,470,000 Kwh/ 1,470 Mwh

Annual emissions savings:
515 Tn of CO₂/year

Thermal panels for photovoltaic panels

Substitution and extension of photovoltaic panels on all roofs of the court buildings.

This will produce the following annual savings:

Annual energy savings:
60,671 Kwh/ 60.6 Mwh

Annual emissions savings:
21.7 Tn CO₂/year

Change of thermostats

The replacement of thermostats in three buildings will result in significant energy savings:

Annual energy savings:
150,000 Kwh/ 150 Mwh

Annual emission savings:
69.57 Tn CO₂/year



Urbicsa obtains the EMAS Certificate (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) issued by the European Union. Voluntary environmental management system established by the European Union (EU), for those organizations that want to improve their environmental performance and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Environmental Quality Label

Urbicsa obtains the Environmental Quality Label issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya for its premises and offices building. This badge, which demonstrates Urbicsa’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, guarantees compliance with specific requirements in aspects such as the efficient use of natural resources, proper waste management, reduction of polluting emissions and the adoption of practices with the environment.

Cada día se producen

Kwh de energia verde

Ahorro al día

Tn CO2
placas urbicsa ciutat justicia oficinas locales aparcamientos Barcelona

Número de plaques que hi ha en total: 401

Energia verda que generen anualment: 65.600 Kwh

Potència nominal: 60,60 Kw

Estalvi EN GHG que generen: 23,5 Tn CO2

Estalvi econòmic aproximat: 13,347 €

% Del total energia representada: 0,47%

Anys en funcionament: 14

llum-esg urbicsa ciutat justicia oficinas locales aparcamientos Barcelona

Nº d’unitats: 168

Model: AN-33W28


Potència de la llum: 33 w

Estalvi: 80%

aigua-esg urbicsa ciutat justicia oficinas locales aparcamientos Barcelona

Litres d’aigua recollida: 19.679 m3

% Estalvi d’aigua: 51,81%

Usos: * WC

* Tots menys aigua per a beure

leds-esg urbicsa ciutat justicia oficinas locales aparcamientos Barcelona


Nº d’unitats:

Estalvi energètic:

Estalvi econòmic:

* No esta definit (En curs)

guixetes-esg urbicsa ciutat justicia oficinas locales aparcamientos Barcelona

Descripció: Guixetes Patinets

Unitats: 9

paper-esg urbicsa ciutat justicia oficinas locales aparcamientos Barcelona

Que recolliu: Paper

Nº d’unitats: 5

Tn recollides anuals: 0,1

Ahorro energético y reducción de Emisiones CO2
Objetivos 2021 completados

Acción para mejorar el aprovechamiento de la recirculación del aire.

Ahorro energético: 55.000 Kwh/año
Disminución emisiones CO2: 25,51 tnCO2

Acción de sustitución de Sai’s i de cuadros eléctricos generales de baja tensión por equipos más eficientes.

Ahorro energético: 450.000 Kwh/año
Disminución emisiones CO2: 208,73 tnCO2

Ahorro energético y reducción de Emisiones CO2
Objetivos 2023

Sustitución de placas térmicas por placas fotovoltaicas

Ahorro energético: 75.127 Kwh/año
Disminución emisiones CO2: 320,33 tnCO2

Acción de sustitución de luces a leds

Ahorro energético: 1.750.000 Kwh/año

Disminución emisiones CO2: 811,74 tnCO2

Acción de sustitución de luces a leds

Ahorro energético: 1.750.000 Kwh/año
Disminución emisiones CO2: 811,74 tnCO2

Acción de cambiar los termostatos en los edificios

Ahorro energético: 150.000 Kwh/año
Disminución emisiones CO2: 69,57 tnCO2