Code of Business Ethics

The principles and values that inspire the professionals in our organisation are set out in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which you can consult below:

Guide to Good Employee Practices

Urbicsa, together with the Càtedra Ethos (Universitat Ramon Llull) and all its workers, has drawn up the guide of good practices for employees, which together with the company’s Code of Ethics, aims to be a guide of conduct for all the staff who provide services for the company, either directly or through different contracted maintenance companies.

Through three sections and with practical examples, all workers know the behaviour that Urbicsa expects them to have, in the day to day of their work tasks.

Good Practice Guide for Companies Supplying URBICSA

Urbicsa, together with the Càtedra Ethos (Universitat Ramon Llull), has drawn up the Good Practice Guide for Companies Supplying URBICSA.

The aim of this Guide is to present a series of standards aimed at companies that provide services to URBICSA in order to promote good governance and sustainability in all the organisations that collaborate with the company.

Complaints Channel

The City of Justice provides you with a secure and reliable communication channel to present complaints or raise doubts about the application of our code of business ethics.

Thanks to the form, you can report any possible irregularity of behaviour confidentially or anonymously.